Constitution of the Criminal Justice Association of Georgia


The organization shall be known as the Criminal Justice Association of Georgia.

ARTICLE II Objectives

To provide for communication within the State of Georgia among members, with other associations of higher education and training, and with the agencies of the criminal justice system;

To promote a philosophical approach of criminal justice as a systemic process;

To promote high standards in criminal justice education, training, and practice; and

To promote high standards in criminal justice planning and research.

ARTICLE III Membership

Any person interested in supporting the Association’s purposes and programs may become a member by paying the current membership dues.

Equal voting privileges shall belong to all dues paying members.

The rate and apportionment of dues shall be set by proposal of the Executive Board upon approval by the voting membership at a called meeting.

Student membership may be established at a lesser rate of dues and will be open to students interested in criminal justice and enrolled in an accredited institution of higher education.

ARTICLE IV The Executive Board

The committees of the Association shall consist of an Executive Board and other committees as the membership shall establish from time to time.

The Executive Board shall be the governing authority of the Association when the membership is not in session.  In all matters, the membership shall retain ultimate authority when meeting in a duly constituted fashion.

The Executive Board’s voting members shall consist of the elected Officers and immediate past president.

All Executive Board members shall be members in good standing of the Association.

The Executive Board will maintain a duplicate set of all Association records developed by individual Officers, which will serve as archive files and a history of the Association.

ARTICLE V Officers

The Officers of the Association shall be:

  • President
  • Vice President (President Elect)
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary/Director of Communications

All Officers shall be regular members in good standing of the Association.

ARTICLE VI Elections

Elections of Officers shall be conducted at the Annual Meeting.  A candidate shall be considered elected who receives a majority of the valid ballots cast.


An Annual Meeting or Convention shall be held; the date(s), time, and location, to be determined by the Executive Board.

The location of the Annual Meeting shall be determined at least one year in advance.

A general business meeting open to all members will be held at the Annual Meeting.

Other meetings shall be held as required or appropriate, and all official meetings shall conform to the most recent edition of Robert’s Rules of Order.

ARTICLE VIII Amendments to the Constitution

Constitutional amendments shall be recorded as “Amendments to the Constitution”.

Proposed amendments must be considered at the general business meeting at the Annual Convention if they are received by the President from a Constitution and Bylaws Committee, or if they are from the Executive Board, or if they are from a petition from ten or more of the members delivered to the President thirty or more days prior to the Annual Convention.

The vote of three-fifths of those attending and voting at the general business meeting of the convention shall be required for ratification of a proposed amendment.

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