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The Pursuit Journal

Welcome to The Pursuit, the Journal of the Criminal Justice Association of Georgia.  Click on the link(s) below for specific issues:

Manuscript Submission

Manuscripts submitted to The Pursuit for consideration should be submitted in Microsoft Word (.DOCX) format and follow APA formatting and style guidelines.  To make a submission, please complete the entire Manuscript Submission Form, including selection of the appropriate area of expertise for peer review and the most accurate keyword(s), upload your manuscript, and then click “SAVE” at the top.  The submission will be promptly reviewed by the Journal’s Editorial Committee and peer reviewers.

Peer Review of Manuscripts

Faculty interested in becoming a reviewer of manuscripts submitted to The Pursuit should complete the Peer Reviewer Request Form in its entirety and then click “Submit”.  Please be certain to select the areas of expertise.

Contacting the Pursuit Journal Editor

To contact the Journal Editor, click here.